March – A Better Response to the Impact of Covid-19 on Education

We took a motion to Spring Conference 2021. The final version as passed by conference can be downloaded here.

The debate was heated and included a motion to suspend standing orders! The main part of the debate begins here:


October – Statement to the House of Commons by Layla Moran

Liberal Democrats Education Spokesperson Layla Moran gave this address in response to the Queen’s Speech in October 2019.

March – Lifelong Learning Commission recommendations

The Independent Commission on Lifelong Learning recommended lifelong skills accounts usable for professional training and retraining for adults. This became a key Liberal Democrat policy proposal in the GE2019 manifesto.

You can also find our fringe on this topic in the LDEA Fringes section.


March – Every Child Empowered (with amendments)

This is the amended text and policy paper for the education policy motion “Every Child Empowered: Education for a changing world” passed by Spring Conference 2018. Several LDEA members were involved in its formulation and passage.


September – Speech to Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference by Layla Moran

This speech launched the Every Child Empowered motion which was adopted by Conference the following year.

September – F4: Learning English

A motion on ESOL provision and other English learning initiatives passed by Autumn Conference 2017.

September – F31B: Recruitment and Retention of Teachers

An Emergency Motion passed by Autumn Conference 2017.

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