September – Lifelong Learning and the Skills Gap

An assessment of the government’s plans to help adult learners and the situation of skills-based education. LDEA Chair Nigel Jones hosts David Hughes, CEO, Association of Colleges; Sal Jarvis, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Westminster University and Vice Chair of LDEA; and Baroness Sue Garden, Lib-Dems for FE/HE.

Many thanks to the Lib Dem Federal Conference Team for providing us this recording.


September – What do School Leaders expect from Politicians in the current climate?


September – Bringing Schools and Local Authorities Together

An exploration of what can be done to establish local schools partnerships and learn what is already going on to combat fragmentation and lack of accountability in local government. LDEA Chair Nigel Jones hosts Sutton Councillor Amy Haldane and John Coles of United Learning.

Video not on YouTube, but available on request.

September – Lifelong Learning and the Skills Gap

David Hughes (Association of Colleges) and Ruth Silver (Further Education Trust for Learning), hosted by LDEA President Margaret Sharp, discuss the future of lifelong learning.

(Our camera ran out of memory towards the end of the recording, hence the Q&A session is cut off. Apologies for this!)

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3


September – Home Schooling Liberal Democrats (HSLD) / LDEA Joint Fringe

Notes courtesy of HSLD on our joint fringe at Autumn Conference 2018. Several LDEA members made significant contributions.

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